User Agreement

What are the rules for commenting and uploading?

We love sending your comments and uploading creations. But please don't do anything horrible, rude or illegal. More specifically, please do not post or upload the following. We love you. 

Inappropriate (abusive, aggressive or destructive)
Off-topic (to original content or current conversation)
Don't share your personal information (self or someone else)
Risk at children
If it is illegal or illegal
Insult breaker (hurts someone else's reputation)
He insults the court (anything that might affect the outcome of the court)
Violates everyone's rights (including privacy rights)
Made by someone else or copied the creation of another
Ads sent for your financial gain (advertising, sponsorship, etc.)
Only in Turkish (unless you want to comment in another language)
Avoid actions to reduce to Spam (unless you comment on a story about diluted meat)
Additional links to content that is not easily visible include links or may not be secure (viruses, spyware, payments, etc.).
Don't violate our election and referendum rules
Or follow our other Terms of Use 

Who is the owner of the content I sent or uploaded?

If the content you submit or upload is completely new and original, the copyright is yours. This usually means that it does not contain the content of someone else, such as videos and music. For anything done by someone else, the copyright may be their own. So you usually need to get your permissions before you send them to

What can I do with the content I send to

We may: use Urfanews in its services and content, host it or store it as it is when you are uploading to Weather Viewers or Yrfanews website.

Copy, modify or translate or do things that are inspired We'll only edit your news related content when needed. Read our comments and creations about the news here.

Become an Inspiration for People with Your Shares

Invite others to use your creation to make their own creation, content means we can decide to add, edit, remove or not. And if we break any laws, we can refer them to the police and other authorities.

And we can use your creations
Anywhere in the world
In any environment (eg TV, internet, radio)
Even if you stop using our services - as long as we want.
And everyone we work with can do things. For example, if you send an image to Urfa News, we can share a news story with a foreign publisher, so that it could do anything above. They can also charge their users to see this.


Other things we will do and not do

We can let others use your creation. Sometimes we can let them edit or take inspiration from them.
We're not gonna pay you for that.
We hope to use it. But we can't guarantee that.
We usually show your name with what you write. But we can't guarantee that.
We may contact you to check whether you have permission to use any music, image, clip, or text you publish.