Alanyaspor After the accident, Josef Sural's Death

After an unfortunate accident on his way back from Alanyaspor, Josef Sural's passing was reflected in the cameras.

Returning to Kayserispor away from Antalya, Aytemiz Alanyasporlu carried a VIP minibus carrying football players near Alanya. 6 players were injured in the minibus, including 7 football players and 2 drivers, Josef Sural lost his life. 


Alanyaspor last minute traffic accident news: Kayserispor 1-1 draws from the remaining Caesar Caulker, Dlajma, Baiano, Cisse, Welinton, Sackey and Sural vip minibus rented to return to Alanya. The minibus departing from Kayseri, Antalya-Alanya land road, 5 kilometers before the city center in Dinek district was overturned. 

7 injured in the accident, ambulances, a private hospital in Alanya was removed. Sural died in hospital because of injured players. Other wounded football players were treated as outpatient. While the driver of the minibus were taken into custody, an investigation into the accident was launched. Well, Alanyaspor made an accident, which footballer died?

Alanyaspor'un match squad of other football players, managers and officials of the car with the rest of the other were also recorded by Alanyaspor bus.

News from the accident as soon as the hospital received Aytemiz Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Çavuşoğlu, told reporters, the next week after the Kayseri displacement of the match will be played on Monday due to the players and the technical team said that two days were allowed.

Josef Sural has died! Detail about Sural


Josef Sural has died! Detail about Sural

As a result of a match played with Kayserispor Alanya with a private minibus who lost their lives as a result of the accident Alanya Alanya Josef Sural revealed another detail about. It was learned that 28-year-old father was a father about 2.5 months ago.

Rotating Kayseri displacement Josef Sural, who was seriously injured as a result of the overturning of the private minibus carrying Alanyasporlu footballers, lost his life.

Ellem died in the accident Aytemiz Alanyasporlu Josef Sural about 2.5 months ago, his daughter was born in Prague.

Josef Sural was transferred to Aytemiz Alanyaspor from Sparta Prague and signed a 2.5-year contract.

In a statement at the signing ceremony in the sural Jan 12, "I'm happy to be here. We will fight all together to come to the team better place. Alanya, a place to live with my family. I was following that of Turkey leagues. Here I thought it might be good it feels to play football and life I preferred Alanyaspor'u "he said.