Letter from Bosch workers: Government practices have become frustrated

A worker from BOSCH wrote the results of the election letter./ Letter from Bosch workers: Government practices have become frustrated

Letter from Bosch workers: Government practices have become frustrated
bosh factory

I'm a 10-year-old BOSCH worker. I would like to write my views on the local elections of March 31, 2019, which was last held in my factory. First of all, I have to specifically state that; I was surprised by all the results in the other big cities except Ankara. Even the share of Bursa was abducted. CHP, the winner of this election; HDP and EYTgasliler.

I think people are usually voted. MHPilerlisi, the good party of the CHP candidate given in Bursa. Except Mustafa Bozbey's personal influence, the CHP's successful opposition than Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu'nun Recep Tayyip Erdogan to fall into the mouth of the CHP in favor of falling into a note in favor of the government due to the failure, they voted.

The sect, congregations and the extreme nationalist workers who put them at the center of religious life said that they did not like the AKP's concept of municipality and general government but still voted for the AKP. But the majority of those who passed the MHP to the Good Party voted for the CHP. The current AKP municipality did not finish the construction of the railway train, did not perform underground, buried Bursa in the concrete, a part of the failure in Bursaspor was written by former President Recep Altepe, 

Increasing traffic problems with each passing day, transportation is expensive and, most importantly, our salaries are melting against inflation. He gave birth to reaction. But the statements of AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's ’survivor ı problem, HDP Chairman Sezai Temelli had negative effects at the factory.

I don't know what the next 4 years will bring, but the current ruling will make the country and the workers' lives worse, and the table in Bursa seems to be in favor of the MHP and the Good Party and the right-wing parties that will create a new thrill. Prohibition of strikes, gasoline, bazaar-market at the expense of fire, high income taxes, layoffs increased the anger of the government.

It turned it into a frustration and hatred. In dissenting workers and some MHP and AKP workers, Recep T. Erdoğan's saying ”zillet alliance, terrorist is a PKK collaborator“, most television (especially A Haber) and the newspaper's (Sabah, Hürriyet, Akit) reaction to black propaganda It was created. It turned into anger.

AKP workers in the factory waiting for the EYT also used a vote of reaction. Already at our EYT rally in Maltepe, we had friends from BOSCH who rented 3-4 buses by their own means. This was a big disappointment for the workers who expected the EYT law to come to the election last week before. I think they fed the HDP with the most votes in metropolitan cities EYT'liler gave.

But the districts did not. I I was always voting for MHP or the AKP; In fact, how should a municipality be a municipality? Does the municipality make a football field? Did it make transportation cheap, easy, fast? Did he do a nursery in every neighborhood? Is there an olympic swimming pool in the city? Is there a green area in the city center? Does the municipality distribute these benefits to people who really need social assistance? Is the mayor doing corruption?

We do not have a deep interrogation around these questions. The bizarre side of the job is the nationalist, sectarian or a certain congregation (Nurcu, Süleymancı, İsmail, etc.), influenced by the industrial vocational high school, family and its environment. and the MHP and the AKP voters who vote for the CHP, any socialist party, "Communist, PKK, separatist, traitor," the understanding that the Chairman of the Tunceli Municipality Fatih Maçoğlu, sympathy for DİSK to hear a very interesting and hypocritical I'm thinking.

You call that inconsistency, whatever you say. And what this so-called ”true nationalist Bir man is. Dı I wish Bursa or other metropolitan cities would manage this, and such men ’sympathized. Ekrem İmamoğlu's soft style, determination and, most importantly, his struggle and stubbornness on election night aroused sympathy for friends. Even at the beginning of the CHP in the future even the friends who want to see even the President.

The AKP's attitude in the lost municipalities, Ekrem İmamoğlu'a not to give mazbatasını, YSK'nin only accepts the AKP's objections to the AKP and the MHP workers and the reaction is causing a great reaction and anger.

As for them, R. Tayyip Erdogan said, mış Uskudar took the horse,. When it comes to the CHP, ”Thieves, stole votes, scrolls, FETÖ’ has become a reaction. They think that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will turn the result into his favor with the help of YSK and the President.